Thursday, 26 April 2012

New release: Street Biz's Lost Weight versions!

ARTIST: Lost Weight & Street Biz
RELEASE: Healthy Obsessions
FORMAT: Digital
Cat.#: PAR-013
LABEL: Pacific-Atlantic Records
RELEASE DATE: 24th April 2012
FILE UNDER: Clicks'n'Cuts, Samples, Destructive Audio Editing, Office PC

Lost Weight and Street Biz – Healthy Obsessions

Track listing:

1. Healthy Obsession 02:25
2. Crust Vibrations 04:12
3. Heavy Necking 01:39
4. Sissyfight 04:00

Total running time 12:20

For the lucky few who have witnessed Jukka Vallisto's music collection, said to be rivalling the Library of Alexandria (or Tikkurila at least) in the scope and depth of knowledge, it comes as a little surprise that his own music is so packed with layers of musical and auditive references.

A prime example, Healthy Obsession is a tour de force in rhythmic editing. Vallisto shows no fear when he's forging together original parts, fragments of found sound, dialogue subtracted to monologue, obscure (and sometimes obscene) jazz and fossilized rock music via the time-consuming methods of trial and (t)error. The result is a curious peek at an alternative universe filled with unknown pleasures.

Enter Street Biz, another soul lost to audio markers and mp3 compression. Although the real personality of this claimed Portsmouth, UK civil servant and presumed Gains Road, Southsea hermit remains to be confirmed, one thing is certain: The lad must be loaded with all the beer money he's been saving by staying at home editing music, these versions of Lost Weight's tracks among others, and thus having no life whatsoever.

Track #1 composed, recorded and mixed by Jukka Vallisto at Damp Studios, Leeds, in the year 2000. Tracks 2, 3 and 4 recorded by Street Biz at Submerged Samplers, Portsmouth, 2001.

Cat. # PAR-013

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Friday, 20 April 2012

New Silmu Release!

FORMAT: Digital
Cat.#: PAR-012
LABEL: Pacific-Atlantic Records
RELEASE DATE: 19th April 2012
FILE UNDER: Synthesizer, Home Recording, Instrumental

SILMU – Bath Spa

Track listing:

1. Bath Spa 2:57
2. A New Low 3:53
3. Black Nancy  5:21

Total running time 12:10

The joys of hardware! Those cumbersome modes, big metal boxes with small displays, hidden control structures accessed with clicky interfaces.

This is what this record is all about. Preparing the instruments, scribbling down the buttons to press, then letting the tape run. Unleashing the automatons under the superficial control of two hands run by the soft machine of human brain.

These tracks are my personal poke at being the 'Synth Wiz' immortalized by the likes of  Keith Emerson, Jean-Michel Jarre and Howard Jones. That mysterious, octopi-like player behind stacks of classic gear, dialing in new layers of electronic sound. The recordings are all straight takes: two or three synths, a drum machine, a human and some triggered sequences.

Equipment: Casio CZ-5000 Cosmo Synthesizer, Ensoniq EPS-16+ Performance Sampler, Roland SH-101 Monophonic Synthesizer, SPD-8 Percussion Pad and MC-500 Micro Composer, Alesis MMT-8 Midi Sequencer, Yamaha CS-01 Monophonic Synthesizer, Elektron Sidstation SID Synthesis Module, Kawai K4r Digital Synthesizer Module and XD-5 Percussion Synthesizer.

Recorded and mixed at Pacific-Atlantic Mobile Studio.

Cat. # PAR-012

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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Social Media Meltdown

Yes, Pacific-Atlantic Records / Twisted Krister can be found also on FB with all the perks and benefits of social media! 

Another Mallisto Re-Release!

ARTIST: Mallisto
RELEASE: Juhannus 3008
FORMAT: Digital
Cat.#: PAR-011
LABEL: Pacific-Atlantic Records
RELEASE DATE: 10th April 2012
FILE UNDER: Eclectic Pop, Electronic, Ambient, Synth Folk, Psychedelia, Home Recording

MALLISTO – Juhannus 3008

Track listing:

1. Laulu numero 1  [Silmu / Magda / Mitja] 03:34
2. Laulu numero 2 [Mitja / Silmu] 02:05
3. Juhannus 3008 [Silmu] 01:27
4. Halkio (Beats) [Magda / Silmu] 02:44
5. Syysjami [Silmu / Magda] 04:12
6. Juhannus 3008 (Bongo Mix by Erikoismies) 04:25

Total running time 18:30

Mallisto, founded in Helsinki by Christer Nuutinen (kb/v) and Jukka Vallisto (bg) in the mid-nineties, was active off and on for several years with slightly varying lineups, Nuutinen and Jenni Rope (kb/v) being present in most of the incarnations. Either as a duo or with Vallisto, and later with Ilja Karsikas on guitar.

A year or so of semi-active live playing (at events ranging from ordinary club gigs to art show openings and private house warming parties in tiny student flats) gradually saw the bands output evolve from childish instrumental electro pop to a peculiar lofi sound, mixing synth pop and psychedelia. The only recording to enter the public sphere during Mallisto's active phase was the self-released EP Polku, performed and produced in 2000 by Nuutinen and Rope as a duo.

Quite sadly, as the band continued to further refine its trademark sound - finally matured into their very own specific blend of Lofi Ambient Folk Pop - their active phase also seemed to slowly but firmly grind to a halt. Today, not even the members of Mallisto themselves are sure if the group still exists.

Juhannus 3008 compiles 5 tracks, originally recorded in separate sessions, during a timespan of almost 15 years, but still managing to sum up as one solid body of work. Here a charming array of old electric pianos, organs and beautiful analog synths are paired with frail lullaby vocals and the occasional hand picked guitar to a most enchanting effect. Melodies - melancholic, warm and inviting - hover mid-air, gently held afloat in the almost invisible, ethereal embrace of buzzing oscillators, reversed tape loops and a strange kind of audible silence. The bands instantly recognisable sound is simultaneously both rich and humble, intimate and spacious.

- Tom Backström, Erikoisdance

Mitja: Electric Guitar.
Magda: Casio CZ-5000, Electric Piano, vocals.
Silmu: Ensoniq EPS-16+, Roland D-50 and SH-101, Boss DR-202 & SP-202, Yamaha CS-01, programming & vocals.

Car service instructions on Laulu #1 Kari Nuutinen.
Front cover: Mallisto approx. 1998 – Rope (far right), Nuutinen and Vallisto. Photo by Maarit Hohteri.

Recorded and mixed at Pacific-Atlantic Mobile Studio except #6 composed and mixed at Erikoisdance Tower.

Original release Erikoisdance 13: Mallisto – Juhannus 3008 (CDR, 2009)
Digital re-release 10th April 2012.
Cat. # PAR-011

Listen and download at Bandcamp:

Monday, 9 April 2012

A New Mallisto Re-release!

ARTIST: Mallisto
FORMAT: Digital
Cat.#: PAR-010
LABEL: Pacific-Atlantic Records
RELEASE DATE: 9th April 2012
FILE UNDER: Eclectic Pop, Electronic, Ambient


Track listing:
Polku [Silmu / Magda] 05:05
Halkio [Magda / Silmu] 03:58
Kuoriainen [Magda / Silmu] 03:40
Kylpy [Magda / Silmu] 01:41
Lisänumero [Silmu] 02:56

Total running time 17:30

Magda: Casio CZ-5000, Electric Piano, vocals.
Silmu: Ensoniq EPS-16+, Roland D-50 and SH-101, Boss DR-202 & SP-202, Yamaha CS-01, programming & vocals.

Additional Boss DR-202 rhythm programming on Polku by Müsta Kirahvi. Live electronic percussion on Polku by PSI.

Recorded and mixed at Pacific-Atlantic Mobile Studio 1998 – 2000. First released September 2000 as a Pacific-Atlantic Records compact disc. Cover art by Jenni Rope.

Re-Released 9th April 2012
Cat. # PAR-010

Listen and download at Bandcamp:

Sunday, 8 April 2012

A New Silmu Release

RELEASE: Default Emotion
FORMAT: Digital
Cat.#: PAR-009
LABEL: Pacific-Atlantic Records
RELEASE DATE: 8th April 2012
FILE UNDER: Synth Pop, Electronic,

Melancholic sweeps, bouncy arpeggiations and interveawing analogue melodies for 2012.

Track listing:

1. Default Emotion 03:47
2. Saint Lee 04:16
3. Relevance 03:08

Total running time 11:11

Composed and mixed at Pacific-Atlantic Studios by Twisted Krister, September 1998 – April 2012.

Listen and download at Bandcamp: